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Heirloom Canvas

Heirloom Canvas

Brush stroking by hand

~ CANVAS (Wall Art) Just like furniture for your wall. 

Heirloom pieces that will be cherished for generations.

A top notch line of  canvases.  These canvases are museum quality handmade beauties.  Add a beautiful custom frame and make it a striking addition to any wall.  The 2" canvas wrap is just as gorgeous and is made ready to hang.  (These can be cleaned with Windex)

~ Starting at just $240 for a 8x10 or 10x10 Archival canvas (2" Gallery wrap)  

~plus tax

Heirloom Acrylic

Professional Acrylics

Highest quality acrylic 

~ Glossy or Matte, 1/8” thickness

 ~Seamless high-impact unibody wooden panel • 2.3” or 1.2” thickness

Ready to hang

Starts at $250 for an 8x12 Acrylic with wooden panel. 

*plus tax

Heirloom Prints

Framed Prints

Archival matted print

Archival matted print

Archival matted print 100% cotton. Ready to frame

~Framed Heirloom  Prints - (Wall Art)   

*float frame with no mat or

*framed with a 2,3 or 4" mat border.

*Frames are either 3/4" or 1.5" wide.

 All framed fine art prints include museum acrylic glass which blocks 99% of UV Light with an abrasion resistant coating and an anti-glare coating. 

Choose from Museum Etching Paper or Platine Paper 

Museum Etching is a very delicate Matte Cotton Paper.

*Special hand torn prints available in this paper for an additional cost.

When the lab prints on museum etching paper it is literally spraying the ink onto the surface of the paper. This process is often referred to as a 'giclèe print' or 'inkjet print'. If you touch the matte paper with your skin, then you are touching the ink and cotton substrate directly which will easily show scuff marks, scratches and oil from your hands.

This Matte Paper is the same paper used for the Hand torn Prints and has the most texture of all the papers.

It's also the thickest and heaviest.

~Platine  paper

Also 100% Cotton paper. It's slight sheen increases contrast and color saturation for  that extra punch.

It has a slight texture and is wonderful for black and white images, if you want that old darkroom paper look to your prints.

Heirloom prints are printed to last at least 6x longer than the standard lustre print; on average 100 years.

*guaranteed not to yellow or fade.


You can select between 9 different color options, 4 wood species and two frame profile widths. These frames are made from responsibly harvested solid wood and are assembled by hand. Each frame is carefully finished with acid free and puncture resistant backing paper. 

All of the frames include hanging hardware and come ready to hang out of the box.

~Starting at just $437 for an 8x10 museum framed print with a life long  guarantee.

plus tax

Fine Art Books

Vertical GoBook

Vertical GoBook

Lustre thick pages. You choose cover, back and spine and ribbon color.

Fine Art Books

Handcrafted in Italy.  

~The Baby Book - A starter book that isn't just for babies. A bit smaller in size 8x8 square with a few less color choices but still big on value. A 20 page book with 25 of your favorite fully edited images. Beginning at $525. 

Lay flat, thick pages, continuous binding

*includes text in color overprinting  or raised foil on box and/or cover.

Touch is an high quality matte available in 29 different colors for box and cover. It is enriched by an elegant touch lamination making it charming at the sight and velvety to the touch.

*instead of text on book cover - you can swap out for an image instead. 

~ The GOBOOK is versatile, convenient and has high quality features. 

Layflat continuous binding

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