FAQ - LindaStormphotography

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does it all work?

I am known for my sunset portraits as well as the bright colors in my photos. I shoot outdoors about 90 minutes before the sun sets.  

Generally we will take over a 100 photos over the course of 90 mins or so.  I will then pick out at least 40 or more of the best of the best for you to view. I often show many more for you to pick.

The location will be picked after I speak to you via a complimentary phone consultation. We will discuss your likes and preferences and go from there.

What should I wear ?

 Anything that makes you feel confident and will make you feel your best. Solid colors generally look the best in an outdoor setting as well as colors that compliment the setting. If we are shooting photos in a  big open park with lots of beautiful green grass; something solid  green might not be the best choice. If you have any questions just ask. I do have a Pinterest page with some ideas on there. 


 I have some favorite locations you can choose from  or we can discuss your favorite locations.

 Seniors - bring as many outfit choices as you want for your shoot (we will do as many as we can for the amount of time we have for your session.)  I do have a portable pop up dressing tent so you can change. 

When can I see my photos?

Since I do not work out of a studio. I will set up a time to meet you which is usually at a Panera bread or Starbucks.  We generally pick a place that is about half way between us both. If you are from out of town; I do have online options we can discuss.  

You then will be shown your images with a few fully processed to show you all the colors, etc.

You get to pick what you want printed for Gift prints, Wall art or Luxury books.  Payment is due the day of your ordering session. I will then finalize all the processing and you will be sent a link to see the final edits and how your books or wall art  will be designed, etc.  I will be in contact with you for approval before anything is sent in for printing. 


My pricing is set up so you can order as much as you like or as little as you prefer.  Most clients spend between $400 - $3500, some more - some less.   There are many possibilities. 

I scouted what I believe to be the best labs for my heirloom prints, Fine Art Books and Canvases.  I want to make sure your photos last and can be shown to the next generation and not fade away within a few decades.  


 I choose the ones that will look the best printed . I will  then edit  to my style a few to show you how they will look and the chosen ones will be loaded up into a private gallery within a week.  I include complimentary facial retouching on all prints that will be printed. 

 They will be developed best for your print product as well.  Other forms of editing will include an additional fee.  If your session is done  in a slower season (April - Jun) I can usually have orders edited and sent to the lab within the week.  If your session is done in high season (Jul-Dec) it can take up to four weeks for editing and orders to be sent to the lab.  


I am a print artist. I have all my products printed at high quality professional photo labs to achieve the best colors and will look the best on a large Canvas hanging on your wall or in a high quality book that you can keep for generations. You can purchase digital files if needed. 

Yearbook photo

I actually will size your yearbook photo and let you digitally download it to your computer to send off to the school. Over the years this seems to work the best so parents or seniors can add in quotes before sending off to the school. If you need me to do it. I will gladly help you or do it for you. 

The yearbook photo download comes free with any purchase over $250. Otherwise  it is $49 if you only want to purchase the yearbook photo. 

How long will it take to get my Prints after ordered?

After everything has been edited at sent to the lab: Gift prints can take up to two weeks. 

Archival quality prints do take longer due to the quality/time the professional lab puts into it. 

Museum quality fine art prints - generally 2-4 weeks and if framed up to 8 weeks. 

Standard Canvas can take up to 3 weeks - Framed canvases can take up to 6 weeks

My books are from Italy and generally take about 3 weeks. 

I get just as excited for you when your order arrives at my house. I call the minute they land on my doorstep.