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My introduction to photography began in sophomore year in high school. I had to pick an elective class for my junior year.  I don't specifically remember since it's been a few years but I'm sure it went something like this; drawing (nope, not for me - I can barely draw a stick figure), woodworking (no thanks, sounds like I might be using sharp tools - sounds dangerous) and finally photography (hmm, sounds interesting?) 

My interest began after my photography teacher took an individual snapshot of all of us around the classroom and told us we were going to develop our own pictures. This was the 80's and we were still using film back then.  We developed our film with the standard chemicals and then printed our negatives in a darkroom using an enlarger and more chemicals. I got to see myself develop on paper before my very eyes and I was intrigued and therefore that began my interest in capturing the moments of life and preserving those moments for the future. By the way, I still have that picture from 35 years ago. 

My career started in a BW photo lab where I was in charge of making copy negatives for the Denver library of historical photos of Colorado.  It was all done for archival reasons. To keep the past alive in photographs. 

Fast forward a few decades and time has a way of slipping quietly into the future. Both of my parents have passed, most recently my mother from dementia. My husband's parents have also both passed. My children no longer have any grandparents.  I took pictures but it never seemed enough and I never properly got professional portraits with my parents.   We were all too busy in life. However, the few pictures I do have of my parents, and inlaws are priceless.  

This led me to start my own business in 2013.  I wanted to make sure the stories of others lives are told and not just for social media but really told with a beautiful candid moment amongst the backdrop of nature and then preserved in custom-designed artwork for your home or office. I have to admit I'm as guilty as everyone else. It's still hard to make time for my own family portraits and I wish I was younger and thinner but photography is more than looking perfect; photography tells the stories of our lives.  My goal is to make you smile in the future because you do have that precious printed moment to reflect back on years from now and enjoy. 

Contact me at 303-856-6114 to schedule your session. 

Awards: One of the top 200 high school senior photographers worldwide 2019 - published in the premiere edition of  Senior Year Magazine. Dog Photographer of the year 2015 for the Kennel Club - 1st place puppies division. On occasion, you will see my work in local calendars or magazines. 

Family Portrait Outdoors

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